After the major YouTubers have applied for trademark registrations, the Asian talk show and satire show as a pioneer of freedom of speech in the Chinese-speaking world: STR Network, has also joined the ranks of trademark protection.

In the name of the company, STR Network filed trademark  registrations:"薩泰爾", mark of STR Network and text trademarks-"STR NETWORK" respectively (Figure 1).


The classes cover class 09: computer software, electronic publications and other services; class 16: leaflet, audio books and other services; class 35: marketing, advertising and other services; class 41: production of shows, online video appreciation, shows recording, entertainment and other services. (Figure 2)


Such a comprehensive layout of trademark has to be said to be very strategic~

The composition of a trademark may be text, graphics, color, sound, shape, dynamic graphics, hologram, etc., or a combination of two or more of them. Is it better to register separately or in combination?


In the early days, from the perspective of expense budget, most applicants would choose a combination of graphics and text to register. However, the risk of rejection is also very high. As long as any of the elements has a prior application, the trademark will be rejected as a whole. Moreover, after obtaining trademark rights, they are all used exclusively for 10 years. In the later period, the trademark must be used in a fixed form and cannot be changed.


In Taiwan, “Trademark Law” stipulates that when the application form and actual use are inconsistent, it will be considered that there is no actual use of the trademark. And, if it has not been used for three consecutive years, the trademark may be revoked. There are many cases of trademark revocation from many companies every year. In addition to building an image, brand management is very important! Regulations that follow usage patterns cannot be ignored. In order to save costs, many companies will tie all LOGO elements together to apply for trademarks. As a result, they usually only use the English version of the LOGO abroad. This causes inconsistencies in the use of brand trademarks.


Therefore, Gold Keen recommends that applicants apply for the trademark registered in the form of separate graphics and text. At the same time, about the classes of trademark, according to current consumption habits and consumption patterns, online shopping is already common and popular. When applying for a trademark, apart from selecting relevant classes, class 35: online shopping and retailing and wholesaling are also high recommendation.


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