The Vietnam Trademark Office is the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam(NOIP).

There are two ways to apply for trademarks in Vietnam: 1. Single country application; 2. Designation of Vietnam as one of the applying countries through the Madrid trademark.

The Vietnamese trademark application takes about 18-24 months.  If a rejection occurs and the applicant needs to reply. Therefore, the application time will be extended. The electronic application receipt will be obtained about 1 month after the application is submitted.  >> Apply now

Materials required for filing of trademark application in Viet Nam
1. Individual application: ID card copy with front and back.
    Company application: Copy of certificate of incorporation
2. Applicant's name and address with Chinese and English.
3. A clear graphical representation of the trademark
4. Classes of trademark applications and goods / services (※
Nice Classification, NCL)
Original Power of attorney (Notarized)

Vietnam trademark application process
STEP 1. Application
After submitting the required documents and fees, the application receipt will be received in about 1 week.

STEP 2. Formal Examination
From the date of submitting the original power of attorney to the Intellectual Property Bureau, it will take about 2 months to review the submitted documents for errors.

STEP 3. Substantive Examination
After passing the formal review, the Intellectual Property Bureau will issue a notice of acceptance and make an announcement and conduct a substantive review within 2 months at National Trademark Gazette
The time for substantive examination is about 9 months. If there is any unregistrable reason during the examination, a reply must be made within 3 months of issuing the verification notice.

STEP 4. Registration and Announcement
After passing the substantive examination, an approval notice will be issued. And the fee for collecting the certificate shall be paid within one month. After paying the fee for collecting the certificate, it will be published in the official gazette and the certificate will be issued.

1. In Vietnam, the official fees within 6 items are the same, and more than 6 items will increase the fee according to the excess items.
2. After registration, the trademark will not be used for 5 consecutive years without justifiable reasons. Anyone could file a trademark cancellation procedure.
3. A trademark registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application and could be renewed for 10 years before the expiry date. The renewed date starts 6 months before the expiration, and the grace period is within 6 months after the expiration.
4. After the trademark registration has not been used for 5 consecutive years, anyone can propose "abolition" of the trademark, so that the trademark registration is revoked.