The basis claim of trademark rights in Myanmar was carried out in the form of "Declaration of Ownership of Trademark, (DOT)". The registration period of trademark rights is valid for 3 years, and can be renewed after expiration, each time for 3 years. The extension methods are: (1) re-registration every 3 years; (2) re-publish warning notice every 3 years; (3) both of the foregoing are carried out. Which is really time-consuming and laborious!

The new Myanmar Trademark Law is expected to be officially implemented in July 2020. The new law will follow the "First-to-file" basis as the legal basis for trademark application, examination and registration. At that time, applications for trademark registration can be filed with MIPO. The new law allows foreign claim priority over foreign applications / registrations. A single application can have trademark rights for 10 years from the date of application, and can be renewed after expiration for every 10 years.  >> Apply now

Materials required for filing of trademark application in Myanmar
1. Individual application: ID card copy with front and back.
    Company application: Copy of certificate of incorporation
2. Applicant's name and address with Chinese and English.
3. A clear graphical representation of the trademark
4. Classes of trademark applications and goods / services (※
Nice Classification, NCL)
Original Power of attorney (Notarized)
6. Copy of the certificate of priority (according to the Paris Convention or WTO claims priority)

Myanmar trademark application process
STEP 1. Application

STEP 2. Formal Examination

STEP 3. Substantive Examination

STEP 4. Registration and Announcement

1. Registered trademarks: should be re-registered within a 6-month trial period to enjoy the "priority" advantage;
2. Newly applied trademark
    a. The current system submits the application before December 31, 2019, and then re-submits the application within the trial phase of the new law and requests to enjoy "priority";
    b. Wait until July 2020 to implement the new law before submitting the application.
3. Since the new Myanmar law has not yet been promulgated and implemented, the specific details still need to be subject to the announcement. Gold Kenn will pay close attention and inform.